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SkillSampler©  Preview

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  This is the Manager Main Screen..  

SkillSampler main screen  

From this screen, you can easily:

              • set the various test options
              • lauch a new test
              • launch the Results Viewer

Here's a look at the Test Presenter, including a few of our test questions..

Instrument Tech, pneumatic system question sample image  

      Benchmark Testware Questions..

        • are carefully researched
        • are clear and unambiguous
        • are validated by experienced tradesmen
        • are educational and informative 

      ..and are now used throughout North America.

Millwright question (Fluid drive) sample image  

      Benchmark Testware Questions Are Better:

      • Every question a valid determinant of technical knowledge, skill, and/or experience
      • No "trick" questions
      • No improper emphasis on memorized formulas
      • No improper emphasis on pure computational skill
      • Short responses allow test-takers to spend their time thinking, not reading
      • Plain, clear language requires only basic english language proficiency


  Millwright sample image - variable speed drive  


At anytime, the test administrator can easily view test results.

Here's a typical Results Viewer screen..

Results Viewer - Test Results sample screen image  

From this screen, you can easily:

        • examine test results in all categories
        • examine test results in a single selected category
        • export results data for all tests in a single selected category, allowing further spreadsheet analysis
        • replay any previously taken test, allowing you to view each question in the test along with the selected and correct responses
        • print the results summary


Easy to use...            moderately priced...
.. and the best quality skilled trades questions anywhere.

Let us help you improve your hiring and assessments.

Use the
SkillSampler© Assessment System from Benchmark Testware

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