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Benchmark Testware offers cost-effective training solutions on a wide range of topics from the field of Plant Maintenance. Following is a detailed description of one of our most popular seminars.  Call us to discuss your requirements.

Lubrication Course

In order for your plant to run like a well-oiled machine, your plant’s machinery must be well-oiled. Poor lubrication practises often lead to costly downtime and unnecessary repairs.  Reduce your costs and improve productivity by making sure that your skilled trademen and operators have the knowledge they need to do the job.  Benchmark Testware offers a unique program to help your workers understand the basic concepts of lubrication.  Our program works because it puts the testing of workers at the front end of the process, so the training can focus on the areas of greatest need.

1.  Needs Analysis: Our tests consist of two parts: a generic section covering general priniciples  of lubrication applicable everywhere, and a plant-specific section configured for your specific needs.  We work together with your maintenance planning staff to identify key problem areas within your plant. Then we incorporate questions on these specific problems into our generic test package. The result is a comprehensive survey that tells you how much your people know about maintaining proper lubrication on all your rotating equipment.

2.  Test Delivery:   Benchmark Testware is an industry leader in computer-based test delivery. Our "SkillSampler" test management system is ideal for delivery, scoring and results analysis.  Give tests without disrupting the normal working routine of your plant by having individual workers write the tests one at a time. Randomly-generated question sequences make the tests virtually "cheat-proof". (Paper-based tests are also available).

3.  Course Presentation: At our seminar, we go through each question one at a time, presenting the reasoning behind the correct answers. This gives the workers a chance to share their own experiences and knowledge. You’ll be amazed at the differences of opinion and downright misconceptions which prevail concerning lubrication.  In some cases, the textbook answer doesn’t line up with the special circumstances of a particular piece of equipment.  Because of this, you can be sure of a lively and spirited discussion.

FEE $800.00 for 1 session or $1000.00 for 2 sessions in one day; 
cost includes Skillsampler Lubrication Test
LOCATION Your own training facility
DURATION One-half day



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