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Why Perform Employee Skills Assessments?


The success of an industrial organization depends heavily on the competence and creativity of its skilled workforce.

If skills are lacking, productivity is reduced. Equipment breakdowns and expensive production line shutdowns become more common.

With a team of excellent tradesmen, a plant runs more smoothly, efficiently and safely. Problems are detected earlier and corrected at much lower cost. New technologies and processes are confidently embraced. Process improvements are devised on-site, providing a significant competitive advantage.

Of course, you already know all this. The problem is, how do you continuously build that "dream team"?

There's a limit on the time you can devote to extensive interviewing. Moreover, how can you assess specific technical skill levels when you yourself are not an area specialist? By pulling your best tradesmen off the plant floor for dozens of hours each hiring cycle? Not likely!

There must be a better way.

You've probably already considered computer-based testing, possibly even tried it. The advantages are obvious enough:

  • an objective numerical measure for each individual is obtained

  • testees are able to concentrate on demonstration of technical knowledge in a less charged atmosphere than when before an interview panel, and

  • while tests are being taken, supervisory and managerial staff are free to devote time to their other demanding tasks

..but committing to a computer-based testing approach is only part of the solution.  You also need to have quality test materials that are technically valid for the jobs at hand, and that can effectively separate testee population scores on the basis of relevant job-related skill levels and knowledge.

That's where Benchmark Testware comes in.



Why Use Our Assessment Tools?


At Benchmark Testware, we specialize in assessments for the industrial trades. Our focus is on the kinds of skills required in the manufacturing and processing industries, such as pulp and paper, steel, chemical, automotive and many others.

Specific trade areas include millwrights, machinists, welders, electricians, and pipefitters. We also provide more general mathematical and mechanical aptitude tests. New toolsets are continuously being developed. (See our Products page for an up-to-date list of standard products.)

In addition to this ever-expanding collection of standard tests, we work with organizations on an individual basis to meet specific requirements. This may involve onsite process studies and/or literature research, leading to the development of customized materials.

We also provide results analysis services. Test results are returned to our analysts, and a re-evaluation process based on customer-specific criteria takes place. A report fully documenting the conclusions of the analysis is then forwarded to the customer. This allows our customers to make even more refined hiring decisions.

All of our tests are developed following extensive research into each specific area. What makes our tests stand out is the attention paid to the different aspects of on-the-job competence.  We ensure that each test has an appropriate mix of questions assessing:

  • understanding of key processes

  • familiarity with equipment and tools

  • ability to correctly decide among alternative procedures in specific situations

and, we make sure that our tests do not suffer from overemphasis on overly academic subject matter or computational facility.

Because we specialize in the industrial trades, you will not find us whipping together tests for legal stenographers or data entry clerks. We prefer to concentrate on areas where our own expertise ensures the highest level of product quality.

Benchmark Testware has dedicated itself to the development a set of tools that provide consistent, reliable and timely assessments of technical skills.


Our Mission?

To provide the best industrial skills assessment materials, worldwide.



Benchmark Testware  -  Company Profile

Benchmark Testware was formed in 1995 by Martin Green, a professional engineer with an extensive background in plant maintenance and technical education who perceived a need in industry for high quality products that bring greater reliability to the process of assessing technical skill levels.

Since then, Benchmark Testware has been delivering assessment products and services to companies throughout North America.

Our tools are now being used in industry for:

  • hiring or promotion of skilled workers

  • determining training requirements

  • collecting skill level data as part of a pay-scale audit




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