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Aptitude Testing


These special computer-administered tests are now available on a pay-per-use basis.  Tests are administered through our network of Human Resources specialists throughout the U.S. and Canada. Package includes testing, analysis, hiring recommendations, and validation report.


Machine Operator

100 questions

This package consists of a 50-question test on basic mechanical comprehension and a 50-question personality test. In the personality component, we look for honesty, work ethic, good attitude towards workplace safety, good organizational skills and willingness to follow instructions.


100 questions

This test identifies those applicants without formal training with the qualities that lead to success in an apprenticeship program:


•  hands-on experience in the workshop or garage

•  “heads-up” analytical skills

•  mechanical and electrical know-how

Building Maintenance

100 questions

Plumbing, heating, air conditioning, electrical, carpentry and construction, basic tools:


•  All the skills needed for facilities maintenance

Automotive Mechanic

100 questions

This test is designed to identify the "backyard mechanic" who lacks a journeyman's ticket but has the self-learned skills needed to be an asset to any repair shop.

Industrial Electrician

80 questions

Motors, control panels, PLC and ladder logic, wiring practises, process control:


•  all the skills needed to troubleshoot and maintain electrical equipment in a modern industrial plant


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How to Preview SkillsProfiler Tests

Benchmark Testware makes tests from our SkillsProfiler series available to qualified employers at no cost for evaluation purposes only. Contact us  to discuss your specific testing requirements..


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